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People who have met me will know of my passion and excitement for all things electronic. I have always had an uncontrollable desire to break everything apart to figure out how it works. Thankfully over the past three decades the people around me have indulged this habit, and as a result I have now found a trained fine artist, who happens to wield a soldering iron rather than a paint brush.


Throughout my time as a practicing artist, I always enjoyed supporting my colleagues with technology within their art practice. My own style of learning is based heavily around doing things the wrong way, to learn the right. With technology this meant that through my "learning process", I ended up with piles of broken equipment and every so often a single piece of "working" horror show.  I have since developed this method as a teaching tool, "learning through breaking".



Technological Disobedience Workshops


For the past 5 years I have been providing a variety of creative technology based workshops, with a special emphasis on electronics and glitch instruments.  My main aim of all my workshops is try and break down the barriers people have engaging with technology and learn that it’s OK to break stuff as its part of learning. Understanding of the components and processes of creative technology is gained an atmosphere of experimental creative play without fear.  It is a philosophy of hands on experiential learning with an emphasis on fun to remove the barriers.


These workshops are primarily aimed at artists and any one interested in tinkering. They can also be tailored to work with engineers or corporate training days to encourage a more creative thinking process.



Approximately 4-6 hours over 1 or two days as required.


Age Range:

Excellent for 11+ (Year 7 onwards), GCSE, A-level, university and adult audiences.

Electronics workshops not really recommended for under 10s due to equipment involved

Ideal for groups of 5-15 people.



Cost varies based on location and duration, but usually is around £250 for a 1 day session + Variable Materials & Travel Costs based on location and workshop requirements.


For details just drop me an email at


If you are an artist who is interested in learning about or wants support on any of the following....


Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Premier & After Effects

Ableton Live & Sound Engineering

Microsoft Office Suite

Advanced Windows, Linux & OSX Support

Arduino, and physical computing

Unity, Java,C++,C# Development

Pure Data + Max/MSP

Electronic Design,CAD,3D Printing

VR Development

Animation & Animatronics

UAV Pilot & Builder


.... then don't hesitate to drop me an email. I always try answer any technical queries and happy to pass on any knowledge that I have picked up through my own experience and learning.


If you require a more hands on tuition or want to hire me to make, fix or install your work then just drop me an email and we can sort something out. I completely understand the under funded nature of art and always try to be flexible to work to the means of the project at hand.


Contact Email:





June 2013

Emma Sullivan Award

Combining aesthetic Skill with

social purpose and awareness of





June 2013

BA (Hons) Fine Art

First Class

The University of the West of England, Bristol


June 2010

Foundation Studies Art & Design


Coleg Menai, Bangor


Selected Employment/Projects


Lead Creative Schools  Oct 2016 - Present

Creative Practitioner

Media, Game Design, Virtual Reality & Sound

Arts Council Wales, Various Locations


The Flying Bedroom Show - June 2017 to Present

Unity Developer - 3D Projection Mapping


Facilitation Piece for Togetherness - Sept 2017

Mixed Media Performance & Film

Technical Producer

Monika Oechsler, Chisenhale Dance Studio, London




Dragon Rotors 2016-Present

Electronics & CAD Designer


GLITCH! 2013-2016

Tech Artist & Workshop Tutor

Various Locations


Public Address (Film) - August 2015 -

Technical Producer

Monika Oeschsler, UWE, Bristol


Happy Space Sloth 2013-Present



Host/Operator 2012 - Present

Founder & Audio Performer/Engineer




Selected Performances


September  2016

Tribute to Double Beta

Audio Performance


The Green House

Bangor, UK


November 2014

Synthetic Life Group

Sound/Noise Performance

Temping Failure

The Island, Bristol


August 2014

Brazen Grumpy

Audio Performance

Grumpy Studios



June 2013

Synthetic Life Group

Sound/Noise Performance

The Show 2013

Spike Island, Bristol


December 2012

Synthetic Life Group

Sound/Noise Performance

Space is the Place

Bristol Diving School, Bristol


September 2012

Synthetic Life Group

Soundscape Performance


Bristol Diving School,Bristol


May 2012

Synthetic Life Group

Soundscape Performance

Strange Angel,

Southbank, Bristol


Selected Works


June 2017

Capacitor Mathematics

Interactive Electronic Sculpture


Mostyn Gallery

Llandudno, UK


September 2016

Glitch VR Lab


Glitch Festival@Mostyn Gallery



November 2015



Created for Public Address

by Monika Oeschlser

Cube Cinema, Bristol


September 2015

Sonic Wave Lab

Interactive Audio  Installation

#LLAWN03 , Llandudno

Audio Link (BBC Interview)


July 2014

Project Tryfan - Host/Operator

Audio Performance/Research

Ogwen Valley,

North Wales

Video Link


November 2013


Beyond Assembling

Mark Devroux/Federation House



March 2013

Sweet Spot

Interactive Sound Sculpture

The Crypt



November 2012


Installation & Performance

Entre Chien et Loup (Part 1)

Bristol Diving School, Bristol

Entre Chien et Loup (Part 2)

Rother Krebs, Linz, Austria


March 2012

Field Song

Interactive Sound Sculpture

BBC More Than Words Festival,



February 2012

Machinic Conscious Shell


The Parlour, Bristol


February 2012

Machinic Conscious Shell

UWE and Chelsea School of Art

Collaborative event

Picture This,Bristol


March 2011



(Collaboration with #SaxtonKay)

Duck Stamp

Southbank, Bristol


Technologist/Artist Support


July 2017

On-Site Technologist & Audio Performer

​Vertical Dance Forum


Bangor, UK


Glitch/CircuitPHF - 2015

Artist/Tutor of Technological Disobedience

Mostyn Gallery

​Llandudno : Glitch


Public Address - 2015

On set Technical Adviser

Monika Oeschsler

UWE, Bristol


Glitch! - 2013-present

Technological Disobedience Workshops



Spike Open 2013

The Boiler Room

AV Equipment Install + Co-ordinator


Saxton Kay , 2013

Words Device Installation

Programming + Electronics


Sarah Spendlove ‘Ellie’ 2013

Animatronic Puppet

Programming + Electronics


Moores Law Exhibition 2013

Kinetic Installation

Application Programming


Harriet Bowman/Field Song 2012

Audio Installation

AV Equipment Install, Electronic Design & Programming



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